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Office of Transition Services/Work Study


The mission of the Office of Transition Services is to empower students with disabilities to become active participants and decision makers in their transition from school to the world of work and/or post-secondary training.  We are committed to providing students with educational, career, and community-based experiences that meet their individual interests and needs.

Our goals are:  1) to support students with disabilities in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District in their transition from school to work or post-secondary education, and 2) to develop and enact strategies that aid the Cleveland Metropolitan School District to comply with the IDEA, the Carl Perkins Act and the stated mission and goals of the District and the Ohio Department of Education.

The Office is comprised of five different types of coordinators and specialists:  Work Study Coordinators (WSC), Vocational Special Education Coordinators (VOSE), Job Training Coordinators (JTC), Transition Specialist, and Career Assessment Specialists.  Each coordinator/specialist has a specific set of services s/he provides to high school students with disabilities.


Work Study Coordinators (WSC)

  • Assists with the recruitment of special education students at assigned schools into Career Assessment Program.

  • Participates in the Career Assessment conference of students identified to need the following services and facilitates these services:

    • Enrollment in a special needs program (ex., work adjustment, special needs vocational programming) and provides follow-along services

    • Referral for travel training, job coaching

    • Assists school staff with development of in-school work experiences

    • Develops community-based work sites

    • Assists students in obtaining and maintaining employment

    • Assists student/family with adult service agency linkages

    • Acts as a consultant to school personnel on transition related issues


Kim Golphin
Jane Addams
n John Marshall n Max Hayes  

Bill Carroll
Max Hayes  

John Remesnik
Carl Shuler
n Jane Adams n Glenville n John F Kennedy  

Janice Capezutto
Carl Shuler
n Jane Adams n Glenville n John F Kennedy  

Angela Green
East High
n East Tech n Whitney Young  

Gail Gregg, Department Chair Person
South High
n Collinwood 


Vocational Special Education (VOSE) Coordinators

  • Assists with the recruitment of special education students at assigned schools into the Career Assessment Program.

  • Participates in the Career Assessment conference of students projected to enroll in a general vocational program.

  • Identifies and provides intervention/accommodation services to students enrolled in a general vocational program to ensure student success.

  • Assists students/families with adult service linkages.

Deborah Green-Shepherd 
Max Hayes

John Ryba
East Tech, Jane Addams
n East High n Glenville 

Donamarie Russo
Health Careers
n South High/Washington Park


Transition Specialist

  • Assists students transitioning from school to post-secondary training (2/4 year college, vocational and/or technical school, etc.).

  • Provides information to students with disabilities on their rights and responsibilities when making the transition to college and/or some other post-secondary training.

  • Assists students with completing the requirements of pos-secondary training admissions (PSAT, SAT, ACT, FAFSA, college essay, college application, etc.).

  • Participates in the Career Assessment conference of a student who will transition to post-secondary training and assisting with recommendations of the team.

  • Assists students with college and other post-secondary training visitations/tours.

Melba Goodwin

ORS:  711


Note: Ms. Goodwin is Hearing Impaired and requires the use of a TDD and/or the Ohio Relay Service (ORS).


Option IV Job Training Coordinators (JTC)

  • Facilitates program enrollment of students referred from the Work Adjustment Program. 

  • Develops supported job training and placement sites. 

  • Provides job coach services for student placement and job analysis, task analysis & job matching activities. 

  • Provides travel training for student to worksite. 

  • Provides follow-up and intervention to student/family and employer to ensure student success. 

  • Develops linkages among agencies to assure effective transition from school to work.

Sandra Fowler, Career Education Coordinator 

Joni Norris, Career Education Coordinator


Ruth James-Dickens, Work Adjustment Coordinator 

Ronna Schuler, Work Adjustment Coordinator


Career Assessment Specialists

  • Works with individual/small groups of referred students for a designated time period (1 week, 2 hours/day).

  • Collects student data on vocational strength, identification of appropriate vocational/career interests, vocational education courses related to interests and abilities, post-high school training options & opportunities.

  • Facilitates career assessment/transition team meeting (after assessment completion) providing information on data collected and suggestions for future planning.

  • Provides written report to team members.

Frank Sobal, Department Chairperson 

Shirley McKinney

Norma Martin

Diana Smith-Pollard

Laura Weil